Reimagining housing and land solutions

Innovation helps us create land and housing solutions that reduce costs and time for families.

A Mexican woman looks proudly from the window of her New Story home.

The fastest path to formal land

Our land development solution provides vulnerable families with one of the fastest ways to secure formal land in Mexico. An innovative blend of impact investment and philanthropy allows us to accelerate land development and increase home financing opportunities.

By partnering with the market to bring smart solutions to a stagnant sector, we’re reducing costs and increasing accessibility to land and housing options. More families are securing the solutions they need to improve their lives and reach their full potential. 

FAST Company

We’ve been named one of the “world’s most innovative companies” four times by Fast Company.

A man wearing a hard hat helps install a roofing beam.

Innovation driving impact

To us, innovation is rethinking the expected to better meet the needs and desires of families. Sometimes, this looks like using smart capital to de-risk R&D of new methodologies. Other times, it’s improving processes in the housing finance market. Or designing home prototypes that fit the income levels of lower-income families.

Innovation will take many forms, but its purpose will always stay the same: to make land and housing more accessible for vulnerable families.

2 Homes with plants and patio furniture.
Aerial image of a 3d printed community in the process of being constructed.

Introducing the world’s first community of 3D-printed homes

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Bringing the world’s best innovation to those who need it most

When more than 1 billion people lack adequate shelter, sticking with the status quo won’t work. We have to take calculated risks to transform the land and housing market. In partnership with ICON, we brought the world’s first community of 3D-printed homes to Mexico — all for low-income families without adequate housing. 

We’re most known for this innovative project, but 3D printing is only one of many solutions we use to address the housing crisis. In fact, it’s only a fragment of our strategy to build a more inclusive market. There will never be a one-size-fits-all solution to solve the problem of inadequate housing. So we’ll never stop innovating.


Innovation is just one part of our strategy to build a more inclusive housing market.