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We empower families to buy land, secure home financing, and build generational wealth.

Our story

Brett Hagler, Alexandria Lafci, Matthew Marshall, and Mike Arrieta founded New Story in 2014 after believing there had to be better ways to solve the world's housing crisis.

After graduating from Y Combinator in 2015, the team brought tech, transparency, and top-tier business principles to the housing crisis. It was a new model for housing nonprofits — and it was life changing for families.

Since our founding, we've raised more than $80 million and impacted more than 20,000 individuals with housing in Latin America.

We’re now pioneering market-based solutions to impact 1 million people by 2030.

The housing crisis requires sustainable solutions that families can afford.

1.6 billion people

We’re in a global housing crisis — and it’s keeping millions of families, especially women and children, from reaching their full potential.

Market-based solutions

We work with local developers and municipalities to create solutions that are profitable for providers and affordable for families.

Generational impact

We’re equipping families to build wealth and break the poverty cycle by making land and home ownership more accessible.

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Donors, investors, and corporations are working together to tackle the housing crisis.

Our supporters help us use multiple interventions and blended capital to build a better housing market for vulnerable families. Sustainable solutions are creating scalable impact.

A team driven by impact and excellence

Our team is a diverse group of people who share the same vision: a world where everyone can access housing. It’s a big vision — and we’re each committed to playing our part in making it a reality.

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Backed by the best

Meet the advisors who fuel our mission with leadership and passion

Alexis Ohanian Sr.


Initialized Capital, Reddit, & 776

Amy Astley


Architectural Digest

Arthur Reimers

Managing Partner

Morlind Impact Partners

Brent Beshore

Author, CEO

Permanent Equity

C.J. Fitzgerald

Chairman of New Story BOD

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Christopher Lyons

General Partner

Andreessen Horowitz

Craig Russell

Design Executive

Walt Disney Imagineering (Retired)

George Huber

Managing Partner

Finback Investment Partners & Equity Investment Group

Gina Sanders

Advisor, Y Combinator non-profits

Founder, Gina’s Collective

Hernando de Soto


Institute for Liberty and Democracy

Jessica Jackley



John Hinshaw



John Wood


Room to Read

Keith Krach



Mike Arrieta

Co-Founder, New Story

Founder, Garden City

Pete Flint

Founder, Trulia

Managing Partner, NFX Guild

Robert Hohman

Chairman & Founder


Scott Harrison

Founder & CEO

charity: water

Sherry Chris


Realogy Expansion Brands

Steve Ayoub

Co-Founder & President


Willy Foote

Founder & CEO

Root Capital

Since 2014, we’ve served 20,000+ people with housing solutions

Meet a few people experiencing the life-changing benefits of land and home ownership.

Israel couldn’t wear his favorite slippers on the dirty floor he used to live on. He also couldn’t study after sunset. Now he’s wearing his slippers whenever he wants and doing his homework at night.


El Espino, El Salvador

Rosibel lived on the streets for three years, where she was often sick and the rain ruined all of her belongings. Now she’s a healthy homeowner with a thriving tamale business.


El Espino, El Salvador

Lucas used to distrust his neighbors and feel unsafe in his family’s makeshift home. Now his family feels secure in a safe home and he serves on his neighborhood’s committee.


Ocuituco, Mexico

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