Equipping vulnerable families to become land and homeowners

We pioneer market-based solutions that empower families to buy land, secure home financing, and build generational wealth.

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Growing net worth

When low-income families can secure land, their net worth grows with time. In Etzatlán, Mexico, families who purchased land increased their net worth 2x over four years.

Not your traditional charity

We empower vulnerable families to become active participants in a market where they can access and afford quality housing.


Builds homes
Building an inclusive housing market
Addresses the symptoms of homelessness
Addressing causes of the housing deficit
Fully dependent on donations
Partnering with philanthropists and the market
Gives homes to low-income families
Creating affordable, scalable opportunities for low-income families to access adequate housing
Creates linear impact
Creating exponential impact

Bringing market-based solutions to those who need them most.

Our financially sustainable model enables low-income families to access land and housing credit at their income levels. And since we fund the work by blending philanthropy and impact investment, your gift goes further to impact more families.

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Smart solutions

Doing things differently is in our DNA.

As one of the first nonprofits to graduate from Y Combinator, we bring innovative solutions to one of the world’s biggest problems.

FAST Company

Named one of the “world’s most innovative companies” four times by Fast Company.

A Case Study: Empowering Women in Mexico

In Etzatlán, Mexico, we helped 941 low-income families become first-time landowners. Women make up 60% of these households, which is 32% higher than the national average. When women own property, they increase their physical and financial security.

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