Generate life change, receive financial returns

An impact investment allows you to support families with adequate housing while growing your capital.

Invest in sustainable housing solutions

Your investment helps us accelerate changes in the housing market and unlock more housing opportunities for vulnerable families.

Our select group of impact investors has already created more affordable housing by helping us bridge the gap so families can build their homes or improve the existing ones, and have access to a housing loan from a financial institution. Families are accessing housing solutions faster and at a cost that works for them.

A mother and four of her children pose in the doorway of their New Story home.

How it works

Invest in the affordable housing market, grow your capital, and create lasting change.

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Our impact investment opportunities start at $50,000 — we recommend contacting our team so you can learn more about your investing opportunities.

Learn about your investing opportunities

A New Story team member will share ways you can invest in affordable housing to impact families and grow your capital.

Receive returns on your investment

You’ll receive financial returns and updates on the housing project you invest in — so you can know exactly how you’re creating change.

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Our Investment Focus

A surveyor takes measurements at a New Story construction project.


Two children hug, standing outside the front door of their New Story home.


Housing finance

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Scale Impact

Your investment goes toward opportunities that scale impact, have a clear growth or business plan, and have proper risk management controls.

Measuring and tracking your investment’s progress is key to understanding the social impact you’re making possible. That’s why we developed an impact investment framework to identify the most impactful and scalable opportunities in the affordable housing sector. Our framework includes metrics of our Theory of Change, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and other metrics considered by global impact investors.

A woman smiles, sitting outside her New Story home.

A note to investors

Make an impact and grow your capital

Enrique Mezo
Impact Investment Director

Hey — I’m Enrique. Over the past few years, I’ve seen more people struggle with the same question: How do I make a substantial difference with my money and grow it?

It seems like you have to choose one or the other. You can give your money to a cause, knowing it’s gone in the blink of an eye. Or you can invest your money in high-profit companies focused on low-impact problems. There has to be a better way.

I work to help your investments make an impact and grow your capital. Unfortunately, housing has been overlooked by key stakeholders in Latin America. We have the opportunity to design and execute investment strategies that will not only create value for investors like you but will also empower families through homeownership. Together, we can invest in impact.

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