An Impact Report for Q1 2024

Your support helps us pioneer solutions that empower families to become land and homeowners in thriving communities. Thank you.

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New Story supporters,

You don’t have to look far to know we’re in a global housing crisis. Even in your city, interest rates and a lack of affordable home supply are just two common obstacles making it increasingly difficult to own housing. Lower-income families face more obstacles. Without a clear path to housing or access to affordable financing, homeownership seems like a pipe dream for these families. 

Your support helps us pioneer solutions that empower families to become land and homeowners in thriving communities. 

We started 2024 by stressing the importance of building clarity and cohesion as a team. And we’re on the right track, with Q1 being one of our best quarters in the past five years.

I’m proud of how we’re rowing in the same direction as a team — all for the sake of making land and housing accessible for families across Latin America. 

Thank you,



We imagine a world where everyone can secure their own housing.


We pioneer solutions to end the global housing crisis by empowering families to become land and homeowners in thriving communities.


  1. Supply developed land.
  2. Unlock home financing.
  3. Innovate housing products


We invest in land because it’s the gateway to opportunity. Land ownership gives families the foundation to unlock financing and secure the housing they want and need. 

Watch the video to see how investors and donors are empowering families to become first-time landowners.


Getting a lay of the land

Jalisco, Mexico

We kicked off the year by visiting Jalisco, Mexico, and meeting with our local partners to align on our long-term strategy. 

In 2023, we helped 941 families become first-time landowners in Jalisco. Jalisco ranks as the second state in the country with the highest number of real estate fraud cases. Its strong demand for housing and lack of affordable solutions is why Jalisco is our main area of focus in 2024. 

Thankfully, our expertise and local partnerships have already helped us build strong relationships and business models that families can trust. We can’t wait to see how your support helps us make landownership available for more families in Jalisco this year!

Land development is the first step to building a thriving community

Ahualulco, Mexico

We’re expanding our work with renowned real estate developer, Carlos Ochoa, by making land accessible for 401 families in Ahualulco, Mexico. 

Families participating in this program live in the lower  30th percentile of income levels and don’t own land. More than half (54%) of the individuals are women, giving them first-time access to affordable land and housing. Land ownership will provide them with financial and social independence that impacts their families forever.

Donors and investors are helping us accelerate the project by funding infrastructure development. Thank you for helping us lay the groundwork for a thriving community.

Proud property owners

Nuevo Cuscatlán, El Salvador

Over the past few months, 131 families in Nuevo Cuscatlán, El Salvador, signed and received their property titles. In Mexico, it’s common for families living in the informal economy to wait up to five years to receive their property title — even after moving into their homes. Our local partners help us expedite the process so families can have legal ownership of their greatest asset.


Join an impact-centered retreat

See firsthand how you’re making a difference in the housing crisis. On a Vision Trip, you’ll join our team in Jalisco, Mexico, to see the work you’re funding while enjoying local experiences along the way. It’s a retreat celebrating the social impact you fuel every day.

We’re hosting a trip every month starting in August. Email for more information.