On a path to impact 1M people by 2030

Market-based solutions are allowing us to serve vulnerable families at scale.

We make land ownership and housing finance accessible for low-income families so they can secure the housing they need.


Increase in land property values over the past two years.


Repayment rate from the families in our land portfolio.


Women landowners (compared to 28% nation-wide In Mexico).

Theory of change


We invest in proven land models, connect market players, and innovative sustainable market-based solutions.


Low-income families will be able to purchase lots with utilities, own property in an inclusive community, access affordable financing, and self-build their homes.


Households will unlock financial inclusion, gain gender equality, and build generational wealth.

An aerial photo of a mountainous landscape. A 3d printed community by New Story is visible in the center.

Land empowers families from the ground up

A growing crisis

  • Financial Inclusion

    Purchasing land builds credit history and collateral which together unlock affordable financing for housing, entrepreneurship, and other needs.

  • Women Empowerment

    First-time land ownership provides women with financial + social independence and security previously out of reach.

  • Generational Wealth

    Ownership is the most powerful mechanism for wealth building. Land is a generational asset families can build a home upon and pass on to their children.

A Case Study: Empowering Women in Mexico

In Etzatlán, Mexico, we helped 941 low-income families become first-time landowners. Women make up 60% of these households, which is 32% higher than the national average. When women own property, they increase their physical and financial security.

We measure success new stories

Israel couldn’t wear his favorite slippers on the dirty floor he used to live on. He also couldn’t study after sunset. Now he’s wearing his slippers whenever he wants and doing his homework at night.


El Espino, El Salvador

Rosibel lived on the streets for three years, where she was often sick and the rain ruined all of her belongings. Now she’s a healthy homeowner with a thriving tamale business.


El Espino, El Salvador

Lucas used to distrust his neighbors and feel unsafe in his family’s makeshift home. Now his family feels secure in a safe home and he serves on his neighborhood’s committee.


Ocuituco, Mexico

Make an impact investment

A double bottom line approach

You can generate social impact and financial returns by making an impact investment.

Patient capital allows you to accelerate changes in the housing market and unlock more housing opportunities for vulnerable families. Invest in the affordable housing market, grow your capital, and create lasting change.

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