A scenic photo of various homes that were constructed by New Story.

Removing barriers between vulnerable families and adequate housing

We catalyze change in the Latin American housing market by addressing causes of the housing crisis.

Sustainable solutions creating scalable impact

Your philanthropy paired with impact investments helps us go further down the market to serve vulnerable families left out of traditional solutions.


We bring tech and innovation to the market to increase the efficiency and quality of housing production while decreasing costs.

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We build bridges between market players to create housing solutions that are affordable for families and profitable for providers.


We invest capital and expertise into proven models that support low-income families on their journey to secure adequate housing.

A panoramic photo of a mountainous landscape. A new story community is visible in the middle of the image.

Not your traditional charity

We empower vulnerable families to become active participants in a market where they can access and afford quality housing.


Builds homes
Building an inclusive housing market
Addresses the symptoms of homelessness
Addressing causes of the housing deficit
Fully dependent on donations
Partnering with philanthropists and the market
Gives homes to low-income families
Creating affordable, scalable opportunities for low-income families to access adequate housing
Creates linear impact
Creating exponential impact

In Latin America, inadequate housing is a symptom of larger problems.


80% of families in Mexico don’t qualify to purchase the average home available in the market.


About 70% of the adult population in Latin America is unbanked.


Nearly 60% of homes in Mexico are built by families without construction expertise, often taking multiple generations to complete and leading to substandard quality.

Support families by funding a sustainable housing solution

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Empowering families on their path to adequate housing

Everyone has the right to adequate housing. But not everyone faces the same obstacles on their path to secure it. We work with the market to address barriers along the housing journey.

Land acquisition

We make land ownership more accessible for families so they have the collateral to move closer toward homeownership.

Home improvements

We make construction expertise and affordable financing accessible for families who want to improve their inadequate shelter or progressively build their homes.

New home acquisition

We increase the supply of housing and financing options that are affordable for families who want to buy their homes or build their homes incrementally.

A lady holding a child next to two children.

Home changes everything

A mother and her two children stand in the yard of their New Story home.

Families stay safe

Adequate housing reduces financial stress on families and domestic violence, promoting a safe childhood environment.

Families grow healthy

Concrete floors, leak-free living spaces, and access to basic services such as water and sanitation dramatically reduce chronic diseases and adverse effects of climate change.

Families increase income

Families with adequate housing create generational wealth and improve their financing opportunities.

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