A scenic photo of various homes that were constructed by New Story.

Land ownership and home financing is solving the housing crisis

We put vulnerable families on the path to housing by helping them purchase life-changing land.

Sustainable solutions creating scalable impact

Your philanthropy paired with impact investments helps us go further down the market to serve vulnerable families left out of traditional solutions.

An aerial image of a new construction project that has just begun.

Sell developed land

We develop and sell land with full municipal utilities (water, sewage, electricity, and roads) to families at a monthly rate they can afford.
Every project passes our rigorous process which ensures the land is in a safe, desirable area, excellent for housing, and fits thoughtfully into the local urban context.

A family posing in front of trees.

Unlock home financing

We equip families to use their land as collateral to secure first-time home financing.

Families use this financing to buy one of our housing prototypes or self-build the home they want and need.

Innovate housing products

We develop housing products that meet the unique demands of local regions.
From financing to developing, we reimagine the entire process of the community building journey so families can secure housing faster and at lower costs.

Not your traditional charity

We empower vulnerable families to become active participants in a market where they can access and afford quality housing.


Builds homes
Building an inclusive housing market
Addresses the symptoms of homelessness
Addressing causes of the housing deficit
Fully dependent on donations
Partnering with philanthropists and the market
Gives homes to low-income families
Creating affordable, scalable opportunities for low-income families to access adequate housing
Creates linear impact
Creating exponential impact

We're addressing the root causes to end this crisis.

Land is expensive

Available lots in Mexico, on average, are 10X more than what low-income families could afford because supply is extremely limited. So we're partnering with local developers to scale a repeatable model that invests and opens affordable land supply.

Lack of financing

About 70% of the adult population in Latin America is unbanked, which means they can't access affordable loans for housing. We help them build credit, gain ownership of a generational asset, and connect to local affordable financing.

Up to 25 years

Research shows that it takes vulnerable families in Mexico ~7 to 25 years to improve their housing situation. We’re helping families dramatically expedite their pathway to housing by buying land over 24 months.

Support families by funding a sustainable housing solution

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Catalyzing the market to serve vulnerable families

Vulnerable families in Latin America struggle to find affordable, accessible housing solutions because the marketplace does not see them as potential customers. We partner with developers, financial institutions, and the government to prove that vulnerable families can be great customers.

Our goal is twofold: to impact families and to influence the marketplace to increase housing products and services for vulnerable communities.

A lady holding a child next to two children.

Land and housing leads to life-changing benefits.

A mother and her two children stand in the yard of their New Story home.

Families grow healthy

Access to basic services such as water and sanitation dramatically reduces chronic diseases.

A thriving garden next to a home in El Salvador

Security from eviction

Land ownership guarantees families long-term security from eviction & peace of mind because they are the lawful title holders of their land.

A woman smiling behind the counter of the shop that she owns

Generational asset

Families own a generational asset to pass down and serve as collateral to secure affordable financing.

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