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Visionaries are reimagining impact by using the Blockchain for good.

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Transforming the future of homeownership

Visionaries are reimagining impact by using the Blockchain for good

“When I invest in nonprofits I look for ones that are building using the same principles I and our founders use to build for-profit startups. New Story is one of those nonprofits.” — Alexis Ohanian  |  Co-founder Initialized Capital, Reddit, & 776

Blockchain-based mortgages are breaking the cycle of poverty.

We’re using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to help unbanked families in El Salvador become homeowners. The majority of families in the country don’t have access to a traditional bank, but they do have mobile phones, modest jobs, and dreams to own a home. Through Bitcoin wallets, families are making monthly payments to build creditworthiness and homeownership.

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Transparent giving, tangible impact

We believe in radical transparency, which is why we offer our 100% Promise that all public donations go directly to housing projects supporting vulnerable families.